- Roaster in Thailand


Roaster machine for coffee

Test of the art of coffee

The roasting performed by COFFEE WHIM is handmade and follows the precise methodologies imported from Italy with the excellent raw material from the mountains of northern Thailand.

Green coffee is checked at the entrance and stored in a dry and controlled environment. It is assessed for quality and weight; the data are then entered into a program for managing batch traceability.

The green coffee is then loaded into a mixer from which the green coffee is then sucked to be roasted.

The roasting cycle is 30 minutes at 120-180 ° C, the roasted coffee is then spilled into the rotating disk which cools it and then immediately conveyed to the silos with a maximum capacity of 5 tons where it will then rest for 3 days. All operations take place under conditions of control and cleaning of the product to ensure the best possible finished product

At the end of the three days the roasted coffee will be packed whole or ground in bags of 0.5, 1 and 20 kg. The coffee will then be immediately delivered to customers all over Thailand.

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